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Surge Protection

How much have you invested in your home? 


As homeowners, we invest hundreds of dollars into appliances and electronics our home.


While new appliances and electronics come with a standard warranty, this doesn’t mean the products are protected against a power surge.


To prevent a power surge and avoid serious damage to your appliances and electronics, it's imperative that your home have surge protection. 


Did you know that some homeowner's insurance policies do not cover damage caused by a power surge, including Fires?

Electrical Protection is invaluable to property owners because installations such as a circuit interrupter could provide everything you as a homeowner need to prevent an electrical fire or explosion from happening to you.

Schedule an assessment today with one of our dedicated staff members to mitigate your risks.

The Craddock's Advantage Plan allows our customers to take up to 10% off every service, including the service you book Today!

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