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We believe that Honest Hard Work is what gives life meaning.

At Craddock's we consider it our mission to provide impeccable work while offering honest and fair pricing.


That's why we are committed to providing the BEST RATES IN TENNESSEE and a 100% SATISFACTION GUARENTEE.


Our company understands our success will always be in direct proportion to the community that keeps us in business.

Enriching the lives of our dedicated employees is just one way we are able to make an impact locally.

Along with sponsoring many community charities, we have developed many programs to benefit local youth, senior citizens, and Animal Shelters.


Craddock's was founded on the American Dream.


The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.

Our highest aspiration is to remain a leader by example within our community and in the heart of America.


We Believe that giving rise to action creates a phenomenon. 

And that having a Brand platform amplifies a message all the more.

That's why Craddock's uses it's professional influence to do good.

We are constantly striving to understand the needs of our community by actively engaging, so that we may help fulfil them!


We believe that contributing to our community builds a brighter future for tomorrow.

That's why we've built our business to give back.


15% of our revenue goes directly back into the local community.

Making every Craddock customer service call count.


At Craddock's there isn't a service we provide that isn't spearheaded by care.

We want to leave your home safer and more efficient every time we visit.

That's why we screen everyone of our employee's for SAFETY CERTIFICATION.

Our employee's have passed background checks and drug testing with flying colors.


Craddock's considers the future of America in all of it's dealings.

It is our conclusion that LOVE THY NEIGHBOR is the only solution in times of division.  

That's why we consider our customers, and there circumstances when working together, and never turn a customer away because of there inability to pay.

Because everyone deserves 


The Craddock's Advantage Plan allows our customers to take up to 10% off every service, including the service you book Today!

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