If You Don't Have A Back Up Plan, We Do.

Home generators are wired into your home's electrical system and require no setup and minimal maintenance once a professional electrician has completed your generator installation. Homeowners can experience tranquility during a storm, feeling confident that their home generator installed by us will protect their family and home!

But the benefits of a generator don't just stop there, there are other benefits, you can have peace of mind with once installing.

Many Homes in Tennessee have SUMPS PUMPS, during flash floods and weather storms, electrical power is interrupted. With a backup generator, Sump pumps stay on – avoiding flood damage.

Did you know that food in a fridge or freezer goes bad within 48 hrs. after the power no longer runs to the appliance? In the midst of natural disaster events, food is the last thing a homeowner should be having to worry about. A backup generator keeps the food fresher longer, making it one less concern in a "powerless" situation.

Did you also know that you can save money on your home insurance by adding a home generator? Because of the many benefits generators offer with the prevention of many home damages, the policy you have is likely to offer a discount after the installation. 

Ready to buy peace of mind? Express your interest to one of our journeymen and they will advise you of the options and brands we partner with.



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