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Now, for only pennies a day, you can protect your home from unforeseen and costly electrical problems!

When you invest in our Craddock Advantage Plan you receive a LIFETIME WARRENTY, on all parts and equipment installed as long as you retain your CAP membership annually. If anything, we install breaks or fails, we will replace it at NO ADDTIONAL COST TO YOU.

All of our customers receive a 1-year warranty on all of our repairs. But if you are a member of our CAP program, we double that 
protection with a 2-year warranty and there is NO SERVICE FEE!

Along with the many benefits the CAP plan has to offer, up to 10% is the discount we give our members, from the day you enroll and become part of our family!

In addition to saving our homeowners money and providing peace of mind, we also offer "FRONT-OF-THE-LINE" service. We don't make our members wait, we make you and your family our first priority.

To learn more about how our plan can save you money today and, in the future, please ask one of our team members or journeymen for all of details, they would be happy to provide you with even more benefits not listed here. 

All this for $149 year!

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The Craddock's Advantage Plan allows our customers to take up to 10% off every service, including the service you book Today! Join today and WE WILL WAIVE OUR SERVICE FEE!

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